Anna Bauer’s Qualifications

Namn: Anna Bauer
Mobil: +46 (0)73 847 92 64


M.Sc in Molecular Biotechnology Engineering, Uppsala University 


Entrepreneurial basic course, Skellefteå, fall 2008.

Technique and warfare, A Lund University, 1997-1997.

Music and writing, Geijer School, Ransäter, 1996-1996. 

Informatics, general courses, Lund University, 1996-1996.

Cultural sciences, basic courses, Lund University, 1995-1996.


(In Sweden unless otherwise stated)

Co-founder and CEO, Kreablo AB, Skellefteå 2009

Assisting patent consultant, Zacco Sweden, Skellefteå 2008
Project employment. Marketing - targeting Life Science companies mainly in Umeå, translating Life Science and chemistry patents in English to Swedish, proofreading patents, doing written communication with customers etc.

Marketing Cirkus Skratt, Röda Korset, Skellefteå 2007
Non-profit work for the Red Cross. Planning, marketing, selling.

Digital Learning Object Designer, Skeria utveckling, Skellefteå, 2005-2007
Project employment within BioMinE (integrated EU-project aiming at developing biotechnological applications for use in hydrometallurgy). Planning, designing and producing digital learning objects on biohydrometallurgy. Searching information (internet, libraries); turning to professionals for cooperation; composing illustrations and animations in Adobe Illustrator, Flash, Inspiration and Photoshop.

Research Engineer, Biovica, Uppsala, 2004-2005
Seven-month project employment. Doing research on a non-radioactive ELISA-test for measuring activity of the cell proliferation enzyme thymidine kinase, some development of the test, administrative tasks (formulating SOPs and the IFU, designing figures and presentation material, being responsible for serum banks).

Research Engineer, Pharmacia Diagnostics, Uppsala, 2004
Master thesis and summer-job. Setting up a method for acidic PAGE to separate and purify allergenic components from various complex protein extracts. Immunoblotting of monoclonal antibodies directed against such allergenic proteins. 2D gel electrophoresis on dried and frozen extracts to characterise the proteins in the extracts.

Gymnastic instructor, Pfizer Inc. and Svettis (organisation offering health services for students and employees at Uppsala University), Uppsala, 2003-2005

Journalist of Science, Biotech Sweden (monthly biotech paper), Uppsala, 2002-2004
Responsibility for the centre-spread (10 000 symbols) meaning to thoroughly illuminate a technique or a scientific piece of news. Searching information (internet, libraries) and reading up on the topic; turning to professionals for interviews and proofreading; composing sketches or complete images (Adobe Illustrator) for illustration.

Biomedical Analyst, Evolutionary Biology Centre (EBC), Uppsala, 2002
During 10 months I have done PCR, sequence reactions on chloroplast DNA, editing, aligning and analyses of sequences in the project ”Molecular systematics and phylogeny within the plant family Rubiaceae”. 

Biomedical Analyst, Biomedical Centre (BMC), Uppsala, 2001
Summer-job. Expressing, purifying and crystallising two proteins, one of which had not been crystallised before. Purification performed by chromatography on ÄKTA-system.

Several service occupations (waitress, chambermaid, pre-school assistant, consumer and market researcher (GFK), shop assistant, cashier), Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Austria), 1994-1998


Geilo (Norway). Three months of winter-season work, 1998  
St Niklaus (Switzerland). Waitress during summer, 1996
Vienna (Austria). 10 months. Shop assistant for a central warehouse, 1995 


Swedish Read, written and spoken fluently
English Read, written and spoken fairly well
German Read, written and spoken well
French Read, written and spoken good enough

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