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About Andreas

  • Experienced programmer with an ability to find sustainable solutions to difficult problems
  • Master's degree in computer science, licenciate's degree in computer communications.

Andreas has experience of research and development in the field computer science, both within academic and corporate environments. He has an excellent ability to understand the architecture of complex software projects and can productively contribute to the development from the start.

Areas of interest includes computer security and programming languages.

I advocate solutions based on free software and believe that freedom to run, study, redistribute and distribute modified versions of software is important for the end users as well as for myself as a software entrepreneur. 

 As an expert in software architecture, I can quickly get acquainted with complex systems for making changes. I am used to design and development with continuous change of the requirements specification. I have experience in all types of programming languages: functional programming, logic programming, object-oriented programming, etc.

 As a person, I am calm, objective and like abstract intellectual reasoning. I consider my problem-solving ability to be my strongest skill.

 In recent years, as a Koha consultant, I have migrated about 20 municipalities' library systems, at least 30 school libraries, three university libraries and seven special libraries to our authorities. The migrations have been performed from Book-IT, Libra, Micromark, Sierra, FreeLib, FileMaker, VTLS and Aleph to Koha. An implementation usually also includes integrations with various external systems or plugins for Koha. This can, for example, be about integrating SMS services, control against a population register, federated login (via SAML and LDAP), SSO, interlibrary loans etc. I also do development of Koha plugins (input help, purchasing support, etc.) .

 I would also like to highlight two major development projects that I have carried out against the Swedish Dental and Pharmaceutical Benefits Agency (TLV): I have been a systems architect and developer of both projects. It's about : 

  •  KUSP - a knowledge support for the entire dental care in Sweden and which is thus used by all dental clinics in Sweden, the Swedish Social Insurance Agency and TLV.
  •  Dental price comparison - a service that will help those seeking dental care to compare the prices of dental clinics. The service was launched in 2020.

 Furthermore, Kreablo delivers services related to our MediaWiki customers. It can be about everything from development to operations and management.

 Read more about these and other projects under the heading “Experience” .

Customer reviews

"Can handle difficult assignments in a short time. He is a very good computer scientist, thorough with an academic background (lic)"

"Deliveries were fast with code that does exactly what was intended. I am very happy. Andreas came in as a joker after another consultant who did not work, and delivered above expectations already the first day. In addition to performing the work in a high quality way, he also came up with creative suggestions on how things could be done. A very competent person who directly understood the tasks and who did not need details. "

"Now I have found some time to take a look at the plugin. Overall, it looks good, and your coding is sooo much nicer than the previous instance!"

"Andreas has over 15 years of experience as a system developer, of which the last 5 years with Koha. Andreas has been responsible for migration and implementation of Sweden's two largest Koha projects - Mellansjöbiblioteken (8 municipalities) and Region Västmanland (10 municipalities) ... He has a 10-year education in computer technology at Luleå University of Technology and is a licentiate with a degree in 2005. Andreas has the greatest experience of Koha among all Swedish suppliers and also has very extensive experience of Open Source. "

Projects with Kreablo AB

(For a more complete list of projects, see the Swedish translation.)

Migrating library catalogues of eight municipality libraries to Koha.  Nov 2017 - May 2018.

Migrating a library to Koha and hosting Koha, VTI, Jun 2017

Development of price comparison service.  Feb 2017 - ongoing

Migrating a library to Koha and hosting Koha, Stockholms University of the Arts, Jan 2017 - Mar 2017

Migrating a library to Koha and hosting Koha, Arkitektur och designcentrum, Jun 2016

Process data exported from exisiting library system to a format that can be imported to Koha.

Environment: Debian Linux, Koha, Apache, Perl, Plack, Bash, Haskell

Setting up and configuring troubleshooting manual., SME, May 2016 - ongoing

Environment: XWiki

Integrating SAML in Moodle and Magento + component for associating existing account, Region Västerbotten, Aug, Sep 2015

Development of extension for Magent and adjusting extension for moodle.  Component for associating SAML account with existing local account, where the user is offered to either associate their SAML login with existing account or to create a new account at first login.

Environment: Magento, Moodle, PHP

Update and development of wiki based internal web, SME, May 2015
Installation of MediaWiki, upgrade of existing contents, adjusting extensions.

Followup course in XWiki for administrators, Senter for IKT i utdanningen, Okt 2014
Environment: XWiki

Installation och customization of a knowledge database,  Apr 2014

Installation of MediaWiki and extensions such as flagged revisions and map functionality.

Environment: MediaWiki, Apache 2.4, FPM, PHP

Development and maintainence of research database for medical research, Feb 2014 - ongoing

Customization of extensions and new development of function for batch management of image metadata, user inteface for file upload, and categorization. Development of a tool for replaying recent changes in a wiki farm setting.

Environment: MediaWiki, Apache 2.4, FPM, PHP, Haskell

Prototype for decision support system, Tandvårds- och läkemedelförmånsverket, Dec 2013

Environment/tools:  XWiki

Further development of Folkbildningsnätet's wiki farm, Folkbildningsnätet, Nov 2013

Adding support for PHP fast process manager and authentication against FirstClass server.

Environment/tools: MediaWiki, Apache 2.4, FPM, PHP

Teaching a 2-day course on XWiki for administrators,  Senter for IKT i utdanningen, Nov 2013

Environment/tools: XWiki

Maintainance, administration and development of Akvopedia, Akvo Foundation, Mar 2013 - ongoing

Running maintenance and development of Akvopedia.  Spam prevention, development of javascript gadget, testing of Visual Editor and WYSIWYG, development of various extensions.

Tools/environment: Semantic MediaWiki, Javascript, PHP, Apache, MySQL, Bash

Implementation of MediaWiki skin for Projectpedia, Projectplace, Oct 2013

Tools/environment: MediaWiki

Development and maintenace of MediaWiki farm, Folkbildningsnätet, Juli 2012 - ongoing

Development of a set of scripts for installing and managing a farm installation of MediaWiki (Folkbildningsnätets wikifarm) and migrating existing wikis to the farm.

Tools/environment: MediaWiki, MySQL, Bash, Debian GNU/Linux, Nagios

Programming media server, Codemill AB, Oct 2012 - Mar 2012

Development of a server for managing media objects.  Implementation of a server for distributed storage of media files, role based access control for media objects, and enabling customization of the user interface.

Tools/environment: GWT, Java, maven, PostgreSQL, Glassfish, Eclipse.

Andreas becomes core Committer in the XWiki project, Oct 201

Tool for crowdsourcing categorization of Wikipedia edits, Wikimedia Foundation

Diff Categorizer is a tool to allow users categorizing and rate Wikipedia edits.

Environment/tools: Perl, Catalyst, Javascript, Emacs

Visualization of Wikipedia's version history, Forskarskolan i historia och historiedidaktik vid Lunds universitet, Dec 2010

A tool for learning more about how Wikipedia articles are written over time.  The tool visualizes the editing history of Wikipedia articles.

Environment/tools: Perl, Catalyst

Programmer, AllGoWik, Codemill AB, Mar 2011 - Aug 2011 .

Improved usability and integration of maps in a Wiki for use by WiGo - Västerbottens museum's wiki.  The wiki was enhanced with visual editing, integration of media file uploads, management of media files, and associating articles with coordinates on a map.

Environment/tools: PHP, MySQL, Javascript, Emacs, Apache

Programming a web application for holding board meetings, CodeMill AB, Dec 2010 - Feb 2011

Completion of a web application with missing functions according to the customers requirements.

Environment/tools: Java, Maven, Hibernate, Emacs, Javascript, Wicket, HTML

Experimental parser for MediaWiki syntax, Kreablo AB, July 2010 - Oct 2011

Environment/tools: C, Antlr, Emacs

Rewriting of the authorization component for XWiki,  Kreablo AB, Apr 2010 - Jul 2010

Environment/tools: Java, Maven, Emacs, JUnit, JMock

Design and implementation of a domain specific programming language, Data Ductus, Dec 2009 - Mar 2011

Programming language for service monitoring.

Environment/tools: Java, Maven, Antlr, emacs, Berkley DB

Deployment of MediaWiki and development of custom extensions , Tetra Pak, Sep 2009

Environment/tools: PHP, CSS, HTML, Apache, emacs

Refactoring XWiki parser, Kreablo AB, 2009

Fixing some errors and improving the parser for XWiki/2.0 syntax in the wikimodel project.  Became commiter on the project:

Environment/tools: Java, Java CC, Emacs, maven

Wiki syntax conversion, Kreablo AB, Sep 2009 - Oct 2009

Converting a wiki installation from MoinMoin to XWiki.

Environment/tools:  java, python, Emacs, maven

Work experience and education

Computer Consultant and Cofounder, Kreablo AB, Skellefteå 2009-

Computer Consultant, Data Ductus Nord AB, Skellefteå Aug 2008 - Feb 2009

Development of a domain specific language for service monitoring.

Software Developer, Clavister AB, Örnsköldsvik 2006-2008

Design and implementation of operative system/software for rich security gateways. This involved development of data structures for massive parallelism.

Academic Intensive Japanese Program, The Yamasa Institute, Okazaki, Japan. Apr - Jun 2006 

Doctoral Student, Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at LTU, Luleå. 2000-2005

Licentiate Thesis: «Studies on Heterogeneous Packet Switched Networks»

Computer science and engineering, Luleå University of Technology, Luleå. 1996-2000

Vocational Training: Ericsson Research Luleå, the summer of 1999 (research project, network traffic characterization for more effective main compression.) 

Thesis: Load tolerant queuing mechanisms for differentiated services (Awarded with Cap Gemini Ernst&Young Scholarship.)

Technical Capability

I consider myself language independent since the threshold for me to switch between different languages is low. But since it is often asked specifically for which technology I have worked with I will list a few experiences. The list is not exhaustive.

Technology, framework, architecture

GWT, JUnit, JMock. J2EE, Ajax, Wicket, Catalyst, Hibernate, node.js, Tomcat, Docker

Programming language

Java, C, C++, elisp, SQL, HTML, XML, CSS, Javascript, perl, python, Haskell, php, salmon, bash, javacc, antlr, flex, bison, groovy, velocity, TCL, LaTeX, R

Developing environment

GNU Emacs, GNU make, Apache maven, GNU autoconf, Subversion, CVS, git


MySQL, Berkeley DB, PostgreSQL, SQL- och NoSQL-servrar

Operative systems

GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, Debian, Ubuntu, RedHat

Search engines: Elasticsearch, Solr, Lucene 

Protocols: HTTP, SOAP, REST

Standards / guidelines: W3C, WCAG

analysis, strategy, safety, mathematics, problem solving,
implementation, integration / integration, API, conversion, migration,
infrastructure, operation, automation, test automation, cloud, cloud technology, virtualization, virtual machines, containers, scalability, optimization
web interface, application, documentation, messaging services
loosely cohesive collaborative projects, e.g. research projects or software development in open source projects

Knowledge of languages

Swedish native

English fluently

Japanese intermediate

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